Course Delivery Options


IPECC Academia offers three types of training delivery formats, each recommended for different audiences:

  ILC - Instructor Led Classroom Training


Our live instruction courses provide superb learning environments made possible by combining new instructional approaches with the most qualified instructors.


Regular Track....Pre-scheduled training sessions
Fast Track....On demand learning
Workshop Track……Customized/ Real-time

  LVC - Live Virtual Classroom (online) Training


IPECC Consultants is now delivering its Project Management & PMIS training courses through the Internet. Students are provided with full access to the software and other relevant training material through internet; all you need is an Internet connection and an IPECC provided password to experience the richness of an instructor led course in the convenience of your home or office. Benefits:


Live, Hands-on Instruction


Web Access to Software


Real-time, Click-to-Enlarge View of the Instructors Desktop


Standard or Custom Curricula

  In Company Training


For organizations interested in minimizing the costs and maximizing their return on their training investment, we recommend organizing In-Company courses where your teams will be able to benefit from a closed training environment exclusively with attendees from your company while learning from our subject experts.

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