Setting Up Project Managment Offices

Creating a project management office (PMO) within an organization can assist in the development and management of projects under the office’s control and ensure that the business imperatives for each project are realized. IPECC Consultants’ PMO establishment review is designed to determine whether an organization can benefit from the establishment of such an office and make recommendations as to the format it should take, as well as assist in its actual establishment.

By using our services in this area you will also be able to leverage our Project Management Lifecycle methodology that has many document templates with appropriate PMIS tool that will help you reduce time and establish a standard set of deliverables. The organization’s projects must be organized, therefore, setting up a Project Management Office will prove to be very effective in helping managers evaluate and conduct projects and simplify the corporate governance function.

As a focal point, it will facilitate the alignment of the tactical teams and their projects with the company’s vision and it will report all results to management. Its presence will improve collaboration among the organization’s many levels. The Project Management Office (PMO) will implement the standardized bodies of knowledge and tools needed to efficiently conduct projects and train their managers. It will ensure that tools and metrics are constantly improved and put to the best use.

The PMO will also manage all changes, risks and their impacts. Under the direction of the PMO, the company’s managers will gradually grow in project management maturity. The project management office represents added value for the company. It ensures that projects are profitable and optimizes the time spent on their development.


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